Patience and Perseverance are close friends!

“The problem with my desire for a quick fix is that I can miss the big picture only what only God knows is for my better good. This good is frequently accomplished by putting me in waiting mode and I don’t like to wait” Women of Faith card, 2003.

This card was given to me way back in ’03. I had never realized how impatient I am until one family member said to me “I’m going to pray that God causes you to wait for things, you have no patience”. What a Johari Window moment! I hadn’t known that side to me but others obviously did.

I now recognize that patience is a virtue and a blessing. Waiting enables you to develop perseverance. If the thing you want is truly that valuable to you, you will follow through and do what it takes to achieve it. Perseverance teaches you to appreciate the gift when it comes. It also allows you to have time to think about the internal request you made, that desire you have: Is it really what you need? Or is it what you want, in this moment?

Question your motives. Be blessed!



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