To My Daddy

Today is Father’s Day – at least what’s left of it.

It supposed to be a day I celebrate you (alive or dead) but instead I find it is a day I wonder about who you are because I never had the chance to know you. And its an opportunity that’s long past.

The way things turned out, seems like we never had a chance to know each other. You were in my life for but a brief moment as anger, infidelity, a lack of communication among or variables prevented the formula of E-(C)+J(M)= EJM*2 to last longer than a ship coming to harbour to rest for a brief space in time.

I’ve missed you. I wonder how can I miss what I’ve never had. Its like cooking without salt: the meal has the right elements but an essential ingredient is still missing. I seem to be whole but the part of you being in my life so I’d have a clear understanding of all that I am, is missing. And with you gone, I’ll never have that.

I thank you for helping to create me. I never got the chance to tell you that. I’m very grateful for that and for your whole-hearted participation in the act. Such enthusiasm cannot be duplicated.


2 thoughts on “To My Daddy

  1. I suppose the missing comes from knowing that your dad will always be an integral part of who you are (a tleast the genetic makeup).

    I find it refreashing and heartwarming on equal measures that you look back on this with a forgiving mindset. X

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