Making lemonade…

I’ve been going through quite a bit lately – to the point that I have not written a single line. I’ve just checked the blog periodically to see if there is anything going on that might interest me enough that I might play ostrich for a while.

It’s been one of those periods where you feel like things are either blah or so damn challenging that you wonder why bother? The thing is, I’ve never been much of a quitter so though things aren’t the way I’d like them to be, I have to keep trying to find solutions to the issues I’m faced with. I do recognise it could be far worse and well, it can only be up from here on out.

Then you’re sucker punched in the gut by life again. Just when you thought you’re about to turn a corner onto better days..and things. You think ‘Surely, things couldn’t get any worse than this!’ and then it does.

Well, life doesn’t know about our agenda.  The Universe doesn’t sit around waiting for us to tell it when to turn  or not. It continues spinning, things happen as they always do, life goes on. We control  only so much and no more. The sooner we realize that and work with what we have, the better. We should go on to squeeze every ounce of joy, peace and happiness that we can, out of what we do have.

….so I’m making lemonade.


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