Life’s not a one man band


If there’s anything that this World Cup has taught me, it is this: No matter what a ‘star player’ you are in this game of life you need a team to support you to help you to win.

Many of the teams that participated had star players who oftentimes got the job done. However, it took so much time and effort that they were often exhausted when the game ended. How many times in life have we won battles only to lose the war? I agree that life is about making a series of right decisions and steps that ultimately lead to victory but I contend that we cannot win if at the end we’re physically, mentally and emotionally spent.

We need people. We need to have a support system that comes in the form of friends and family even acquaintances. Emotional, spiritual and physical outlets are essential. Just like the footballers, we need to take time out to replenish and regroup and sometimes to re-think our life strategies so we can come out winning.

By ourselves, we can make winning moves but it is our supporting cast that makes the journey worthwhile and enjoyable. Celebrating your victories by yourself is not half as much fun as with a whole stadium, in this case, your family and friends, cheering you on as you achieve that all important life goal.

To win in life, you cannot be a one man band. Playing by yourself is exhausting and unfulfilling. Imagine having a cheering section to celebrate your achievements with you or who encourages and supports you when you lose. Sure sounds good to me.



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