Unfunny: the Death of Robin Williams Spotlights Depression

I was trying to write something but the words wouldn’t come. Just a deep, profound sadness fills me. May his soul rest in peace.

The Neighborhood

The meaning of life then becomes an accumulative endeavor,
where each piece builds, supports and enriches the earth.
But with equal force, the missing threads –
the contributions we hold back –
are what tear humankind apart. 
–  The Meaning of Life

Moonlight Symphony by Aenea-Jones Moonlight Symphony by Aenea-Jones

There has been beautiful, there has been young, there has been rich and there has been combinations of  all of the above, but funny is something almost unheard of. Funny is suppose to take the pain away. Funny brightens the mood and according to medical professionals laughter produced from funny raises our pain threshold, reduces stress and enhances immunity by boosting our levels of antibodies. Funny is not suppose to be sad. It is no wonder that the death of comedic genius Robin Williams has sent shockwaves around the world. He was funny and he was very sad, confirming that depression must be fought off…

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