A Matter of Faith

How do I keep having faith in humanity?

This question has been on my mind a lot recently as I regard how we humans treat each other. There seems to be a level of disconnect from basic compassion for each other as each set of belief systems seems to nullify the need to consider the fact that: though you are from a different race, with a different skin colour, live in another country with a different culture, when we get to the bottom of it all, we’re HUMANS.

We all share the same hopes and dreams for ourselves and our families. We have the same basic needs for love, companionship, identity and belonging. We have personal aspirations and drives that motivates us daily. Though you may speak a different language, it translates into the same expressed desires: a love for your community, family, friends; a need to experience justice; to have this delineated in a manner that shows transparency, fairness, equality. Simply put: to have you treat me the way you want to be treated.

The news is full of persons who claim to want this experience of ‘justice’ but seemingly has different views on what is justice for me in comparison to what I express towards you. It pains my heart to see how inherently evil we are. There seems to be no other fitting word to describe the behaviour that is meted out to groups of individuals that are viewed as ‘different’.

So with this level of social violence, how does one keep on believing that we humans have what it takes to repair the broken relationships we have with each other? How do we when there seems to be a level of selfishness and self-centredness that blinds us to the hurt and pain we are causing another? Are we truly ‘higher functioning beings’, equipped with a level of intelligence that science tries to convince us that we have barely begun to tap into?

How do I maintain my faith in us? It’s challenging to say the least. But I refuse to sink into a level of despair that robs me of the opportunity to enjoy the blessing that this life is. As difficult as it can be, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has made me appreciate the people around me who view me as important, relevant; as a friend, neighbour, sibling, sister, sistah; as a fellow country man (or woman – ha ha!). In whatever sphere that I am operating in, that I am respected enough to be treated fairly, without prejudice. And this is reciprocated by me.

This what enables me to keep the faith. It’s those moments when I have or witness an interpersonal exchange that leaves me wanting more. Those times when I experience such kindness and thoughtfulness expressed towards me for no other reason than I am here and it is what is required at the moment. The days when I witness persons going beyond the call of duty for another, especially someone weaker, less privileged and more challenged by this life than we are. It makes me believe all is not lost and restores my faith, one person at a time.

“Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race. There are ways to get there, if we care enough for the living; make a better place for you and for me. ” Michael Jackson, Heal the World.




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