Postaday: Another ten minutes

I’ve got 99 problems…

and this is one: appreciating my blessings when they give me added responsibility.

Seems weird, eh? To say that being blessed and having an appreciation of it is actually a problem. Ok, maybe you’ll understand better when you see where I’m coming from.

I’ve desired my own home for as long as I can remember. I made a vow, many years ago when my family was going through rental challenges, that I would own my own home by the time I was thirty. Lo and behold, I was able to capitalize on an opportunity that presented itself while I was in my 20’s and I was able to take that all important step.

Only, no one told me of the responsibilities that came along with it!

I remember TD Jakes presenting a sermon on how many of us fail to see our blessings as such because of the challenges that accompany it. I can appreciate that now because though I love that I ‘own’ my home (that ‘owning’ is really not quite true until the mortgage payments are done!), there are so many things that I now have personal responsibility for!

It needs  roof and electrical repairs (things that were done in the past- ad nauseam!) and I’m finding these are very expensive! To add to the conundrum, finding responsible and honest contractors has been a trip – I’ve had people do work for me only to find out later that it was very temporary and needed to be addressed AGAIN.

Then there’s taxes and property maintenance that must be done for upkeep so I won’t have to do a multitude of repairs all at once. And these are just a few of the challenges I’ve had to face since purchasing it. There was a small electrical fire and my poor tenant, a young girl, had to scatter for her life. Apparently some neighbours of mine did some adjustments to their apartment which affected mine and it was almost disastrous.  Thank God. ALMOST.


So this blessing is a challenge.

I’m challenged to remain thankful when I consider that my family had to split up because of our inability to purchase the home in which we lived when I was a child. That became so challenging that my mom and I lived just above our shop for a long time.

Then we were able to lease land and we started construction on it when I was only 18 years old. It wasn’t the most posh nor were we able to afford top of the line construction materials but it became my sanctuary. And it was OURS.

Coming out of a past of worrying when it rained (because every single room in the house leaked – I think only the bathroom didn’t!) to now sleeping comfortably and dry and warm. A house that we rented for a long time leaked even on the front and back porch; every time it rained we spent those hours moving buckets and pans around in vain attempts to catch water. We often resorted to spreading old newspapers on the floor and trying to be as comfortable as we could.

But we were so happy. And now my siblings and I, despite our very humble beginnings, have our own (leak-free!) homes and so much more than we could ever imagine.

I guess I really don’t have 99 problems…I really have 99+ stories of blessings.





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