Bad Sign? Or Signal??

I push open the door to my room, hurriedly closing it behind me as I am in no mood to talk. Its been a long day and I have no energy to listen to my room-mate complain about her boyfriend or her horrible day at work. Mine was just as long and disappointing, and I really don’t want to talk about all the crap I went through.

I kick off my shoes and roll my skirt and pantyhose down my hips. “I really don’t care tonight”, I think, as I kick my clothes to the corner and sit on the bed. “What I need is a good shower and cup of tea”. I scratch my waist as the skirt has left its mark, reminding me once more that I am putting on weight with this late night eating. I sigh, thinking that this is another area of my life that I need to take control of. I flop back onto the pillows, thinking that I really need to go take a shower but not finding the energy to move.

Activities of the day float through my mind. A missed deadline. A disappointed client. Tough talk from the boss.

Sigh. I need a strategy to compensate for these and still meet the up-coming appointments. My head is tired. My eyes flutter close as I try to think of how I’m going to manage these competing commitments.

“…..I’m so sorry………..hopefully…..I should have told you months before…..”.


I sit up in the bed, head pounding as I trying to figure out where that sound was coming from. Oh, someone was leaving me a message. I half-heartedly try to reach for the phone before the caller hung up, not really caring anyway as sleep still filled my mind. A busy signal beeps steadily in my ear, indicating that the call has ended. I press the replay button and…



I’m sure I just heard a message being left on my answering machine. I wait patiently for the recorded instructions to go through and select last recorded message. I listen.


OKAY. I guess my mind is playing tricks on me?

I get off the bed and walk towards the bathroom for my shower. What that was about? I wonder. Did the recording abort because I picked up the phone? What did that caller mean by “I should have told you months before”?

I’m still puzzled by the call as I realize that I didn’t recognise the voice. I glance at the clock and note that it’s about 12:30 am. No one ever calls me this late as they know I’d be sound asleep by this. Now I’m concerned because it must be an emergency. It sounded a bit distorted, as though the individual was calling from a cell phone. Well, I guess I have to wait and hope that the individual calls back.

Or check the call list, idiot! 

I chuckle and shake my head as I wrap the towel around my body. As I reach for the phone, it starts to ring. I grab it quickly, not wanting to miss this call.


Hi, It’s David! I’m on my way home and I wanted to chat with you. I know it’s late but I called a while ago. The reception was bad at that spot, so I wasn’t sure that you were able to hear my message. What’s up, how are you doing?

I sit on a chair, filled with relief. It’s my brother David.

Hey, you! I’m good, even better now that I hear your voice. What were you saying in that message before?

Oh, Sandy is back home and plans to move the wedding up a few weeks to facilitate her exit exams. I should have told you months before, because I know about that busy schedule of yours.

I giggle out loud, relieved to know that it was nothing detrimental.

…and put my feet up on the bed, making myself cosy for a long conversation.



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