Who knows?

I woke up laughing this morning from a dream about two crazy people that I have in my life – and thinking of how grateful I am to have the quality of friendships I’ve been blessed with.

I had gone to bed -prayerful because of the troubles that people I love so much are going through and also thankful that we have each other. Grateful that no matter what, we’re HERE for each other, present to share in the troubles and willing to help to make the burden lighter in any way that we can. Sometimes all you can do is listen and pray. Council if you’re able to, but most times, all you’re required to do is listen. They just need to vent and to know that you care enough to help them bear the burden.

But after my happy awakening, my joy turned to sorrow.

A neighbour’s house was on fire. To make matters worse, it was lit by her husband.

The thing is, I’ve always seen these people and thought “Aww, they’re so in love ,so romantic. He went to meet her at work!”. The fact is, they had really bad problems, to the point where he threatened to harm her.

I ran to help, to try and salvage something from the home but alas, nothing could be saved. The smouldering wood reminded be of the flaming passion between them, that burned out of control, to the point that it has almost consumed them. It certainly consumed their marriage, for nothing is left of it. Just a blackened spot that marked its existence, where their ‘love’ once lived.

I wonder about the relationship. Could it have been salvaged? were the issues to deep to come back from? Now there’s a husband, a father on the run from the law, a devastated woman who is not only scared for her life but also broken by this tragedy.

The thing is we never know what is happening in someone’s life, in their mind. Often we see people who look like they have it together but the fact may be stranger then fiction. People have their public faces and their private lives. We only see what they want us to see and often-times what we want to, what makes us comfortable. Do we really want to know? Do we care enough to help?

It’s several hours later but its been a bewildering day for me. I am still shocked, despite what I see and hear on the news, when things like this happen. I can’t begin to imagine what she is feeling now, if she’s able to feel anything at all.



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