The Bliss of Youth

Damn,  I’m old.

I laugh out loud at this as I type because I’m far from old. An old soul, perhaps because I certainly don’t fit idealistically  into this generation.

I’m looking at all my students running around dressed in clothes that was fashionable for me some hmmm, TWENTY years ago and I’m thinking “Well, she’s practically naked!”.  I’m rushing off to scold one of them and offer her some covering when I check myself mid-step and think “Donna, this is what is current and fashionable for THIS generation!”.

If I recollect correctly, my generation in the 90’s era also wore some questionable fashion. See Destiny’s Child mid-riff baring denim below…



images (1)

Sigh. Those were the days when Pepto Bismol Pink was in and every eye-blinding colour had to be on your body or in your hair. I guess we had to show the “Old Foogies” that we were “Young and Hip” and rebellious without a cause.

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same…

images (2)

Fashionable is still questionable.


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