Blue-eyed Bob loves to paint!

Today I decided to run to the post before taking Bob for his daily walk. Hmm, perhaps I could try out that calligraphy for the certificates that I want to give that personal touch. “When I get back home”, I promise myself, ” That I will most definitely tackle.”

“Come, Bobby!”, I call out to my cute but playful and troublesome puppy. “Be sure to behave yourself until mommy gets back”, I admonish him as he jumps up to lick my fingers. I giggle as his tongue tickles my nose as I bend to slip on my slippers, stooping to tickle his ears for a moment. Immediately, its playtime, and I laughingly push him with my foot as I head out the door.

‘How did it get to be three hours later?’, I muse as I enter the house, slamming the door shut behind me. I walk towards the kitchen and notice…

….Blue paw prints. EVERYWHERE.

I run towards my office, fearing the worst as Bob rushes to give me kisses, barking furiously and happily skipping around my feet. My beautiful puppy is covered in ink!

“Bob! WHAT DID YOU DO!” This bad puppy started chewing on my throw which I had unfortunately carelessly tossed on my desk. He dragged it to the floor and with it came my bottle of ink, special paper and pens. UGGGHHHH!

He looks at me, tongue hanging out, with penitent blue eyes and a big grin on his face. Innocence personified.  My heart melts even as I contemplate the damage done by my little love.

Apparently, he loves to paint.



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