Certainty or Hope


Forget certainty, hope is enough.

What a profound statement for someone who has control issues. I have always been one who needs to know all the variables and the possibilities before making a decision. Unfortunately, that has meant that there were instances when I’ve missed out on valuable opportunities because I hesitated and lost out on the sweet experience of an exquisite surprise because of my need to know.

I have trust issues.

I don’t trust the process of life that requires that we let go and allow life to happen. I do know that I can’t know everything – and that is a part of the frustration because I won’t ever know everything no matter how I investigate, pray, ask for answers and signs that I am making the right decisions. Because there are some times when you just can’t know.

Life has thrown me a few curved that balls that despite my extensive planning and supposing and preparation, I could not have seen those coming. Some have been so good, that I’m glad I didn’t know because I would have missed out on the elation that comes from having an experience that exceeds your expectations. It hasn’t always been good though. And it is those ones that has me quaking in my shoes, unable to surrender to what will be.

Life is what happens when you’re not looking

Perhaps I read or heard this some time ago, but it speaks truth. Life happens and you can’t stop or control what will be. Yes, there are some things we have within our power to control and we should do all that it takes to enjoy a good quality of life before we all pass from this existence.

It’s what we do in the meantime that counts.

So while I am certain that good things or bad things will happen, I’m choosing to smell the roses..or something just as fun.



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