The Last Thing I Read That Moved Me: Jeremiah


Disclaimer: I saw the title on the Daily Post and was inspired to write this.

I am attempting to do something that requires commitment (which I tend to lack): I am reading my Bible, cover to cover. I haven’t set a time limit as that would guarantee that I wouldn’t finish reading it in any semblance of order.

I am now at the Book of Jeremiah the Prophet, who has been bringing a disobedient Israel God’s word. He has been rejected, cursed out, threatened with death by his own people who have sold themselves (as God called them in Jeremiah 3: 6) “Like a prostitute under every spreading tree”.

What moves me in this book as it had in Isaiah, is that God reminds me of that unrequited love, of that person who hungers and thirsts after the love and attention of that special one and is constantly rejected and ignored until a time when favour is needed. He pleads, he forgives, he waits, he sends word of his love and of his disappointment, of his anger and of his hurt, only to have his love return, but for a moment.

He waits on Israel, but she has found another love, one out to destroy her. But she runs into his arms nonetheless, willing, ready and open to give him all her charms. To have him use her up and discard her, and turn to the next victim, all the time with her eyes wide shut, blinded by the promises he whispers in her ears.

And yet, once more, this gracious, merciful creator awaits like that faithful spouse, to open His arms and welcome his love back home. Forgiving and forgetting all wrongs and willing to start afresh once more, with no guarantee of faithfulness.

Could you do that?


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