Make Peace With Your Past

“It is well, It is well with my soul! ”  

                                                           A renowned hymn

I’m a grown woman. And when I look back at my past there are those occasions that I have to ask myself “What the hell were you THINKING?!” I laugh out loud at my naivete, how wide eyed and not so innocent I was. How I thought that I had a handle on things, only to find that what truly existed was arrogant ignorance.

Youth does that to you. When we are young, we think we sorta kinda will be that way for a VERY long time, and make our way through life wreaking havoc in many ways, on our lives, our future and that of many who happen along our path. But we have so much fun doing it!

Now older, and hopefully wiser, there’s the opportunity to reminisce and we sometimes find it challenging to reconcile this current state of mind and being with the past we’ve had. We look back with regret on some actions. Some others might cause us to chuckle or literally laugh out loud. One thing is certain, rarely do we ever want a do-over (well, for the most part)!

The fact is, no one can go back and change the past. We have to learn to live with or beyond those experiences and count them for what they truly are – life lessons. Every single action, even when you still haven’t identified its purpose, has one. You were allowed to make that choice and go through that experience simply because there is purpose embedded somewhere in it. It may have been crappy but hey, even poop has purpose!

We have to look at our current state and view the past objectively since we can’t change it. That machinery, as far as we know, has not been invented yet. And if all the movies we have watched are to be believed, every time you go back and change the past, it has an effect on the future. Imagine all the drama we would create travelling to and fro trying to remedy things only to move into our present and find important aspects all altered! I think we’d stop midway after a while because we’re so tired!

Would you be the person you are today if it weren’t for those experiences? Haven’t they provided you with a better perspective on things? I admit some lessons may be hard to learn, but you can’t miss the forrest for the trees in this instance: You can identify that there was a lesson and you have learnt it. Every teaching and learning event comes with sacrifice – it’s always something.

Look back and find the lessons you have lost there. They are treasures surrounded by the harsh conditions they were founded in and probably still encrusted with. It may require a little deep digging but I know it’ll be worth it. Then you can finally say “It is well with my soul”. Your mind is at peace. All is in balance.



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