The Audacity of Authenticity

I was going through some of my posts and this one resonated with me, once more, quite deeply. I imagine that it is so because of our current socio-political environment, that would want some of us to be less than our authentic selves.
Have a read once more and be blessed. Shalom.

The Resilient One

 a willingness to take bold risks.
Synonyms: boldness,daring, fearlessness, intrepidity, bravery, courage,courageousness, valour, valorousness, heroism, pluck, recklessness.

The quality of being authentic.
synonyms: genuineness, originality.

In a world where people are challenged to present the ‘best version of themselves’, to be who and what they believe others are looking for, its often hard to determine who is being/keeping it ‘real’ or not. “Just be yourself!” is a phrase we hear all the time, assuming that what you see is not what actually is.

Unfortunately, it too often the case that what you see is not their authentic self.

I wrote in my bio for WordPress that I am on a journey towards authenticity (paraphrased) because I have come to realize that I have been, for the most part, playing a role that has been predetermined for me. The…

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